Sunday, March 19, 2017

Anniversary And Antiques

In March we celebrate deaths and birthdays.
Mom's on the sixth, remembering her always.
Found in her cedar chest treasures and displays.
She saved for special times and come what mays.

I get them out and use because she never did.  Why is it?  We save those special things for a rainy day, then it never comes and we don't ever use it.  After death, these things don't mean as much to our kids.  Who even knows what they were for or from.  Here on the right is Mom's wedding veil.  I  wish I had known, she had it.   I could have worn it for my own wedding.  Instead I borrowed one from a friend.   Some crocheted sweaters and doilies, probably Sandra's.  Who made them, Grandma Crane?  The green and floral table cloth on the left, I use in the spring.   Where did it come from?  Don't know.

Please use your special things now so you can wear them out instead of someone else that doesn't care. 

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